.NET Client

.NET Client for xcuitrunner and WebDriverAgent

Quamotion Malaga is an open-source .NET (C#) client for the Appium WebDriverAgent.

The WebDriverAgent is the Xcode UI Test which is launched by default by xcuitrunner.

You can use Quamotion Malaga to execute actions such as:

  • Finding elements, using selectors such as XPath expressions, predicate strings and class chains
  • Executing gestures, such as tapping, double tapping, long tapping, touching and holding, swiping, pinching on elements, or scrolling until an element becomes visible
  • Selecting values in a selection wheel
  • Taking screenshots
  • Launching an app which is already installed on your device
  • Getting the alert text and buttons, and clicking on an alert button
  • Typing text and dismissing the keyboard

Quamotion Malaga is available as a NuGet package.