To access the Devices page, click on Devices in the top navigation.

The Devices page shows a list of all iOS and Android devices which are available for testing. If no iOS or Android devices are connected to your PC using an USB cable, this list is empty. Empty device list

The Devices page will automatically update when you connect or disconnect a device (android or iOS) to your PC via usb. Device list

Click on a device icon to retrieve more information about the device (device identifier, installed operating system, …)

A list of the installed applications is also displayed. On android you can import an application from the device into the app repository. Device list

Remotely control a device

  1. Click on the icon of the device which you want to remotely control.
  2. Click on Remote control.

The Remote Control for that device opens in a new window.

Open the System Log from a device

  1. Click on the device icon for which you want to open the System log
  2. Click on System Log.

The System Log opens in a new window. On iOS the syslog and on Android the logcat information is displayed in real time.

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