Configure Developer Profiles

About Developer Profiles

To test an iOS application using [Quamotion], the application is slightly modified by adding a test server to the application package.

When an application has been changed, it needs to be resigned before you can run the application on a device.

In order for you to be able to sign an iOS application, you need to enroll into the Apple Developer Program.

Once you are an active member of the Apple Developer Program, you can create developer profiles. A developer profile contains a certificate, which identifies you as the person who signed the application, as well as a provisioning profile, which lists all the devices that you can test your application on. Apple limits the number of devices you can test on to 100.

Creating a developer profile

If you want to test iOS applications, you need to configure a developer profile. A developer profile is a file with the .developerprofile extension, which contains:

  • An iOS Code Signing Certificate, which is used to sign iOS applications
  • An iOS Provisioning Profile, which allows you to install applications which are signed with your code signing certificate on a set of devices you’ve registered with the portal.

You need to use an iOS Code Signing Certificate that is valid, and that allows you to run applications that have not yet been submitted to the app store on your iOS device. Your developer profile must allow you to install apps your devices.

Obtaining the iOS Code Signing Certificate using XCode

If you or a developer on your team already has an iOS Code Signing Certificate, the easiest way for you to obtain the iOS Code Signing Certificate is by exporting it from XCode.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. On your Mac machine, open Xcode and click Xcode, Preferences…
  2. In the Preferences window, choose Accounts
  3. At the bottom of the Accounts window, click the gear icon, and choose Export Accounts
  4. In the Save dialog, choose a file name and enter a password to protect the file. You will need this password later.
  5. If a warning appears about Xcode exporting the private key, click Allow
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