Third Party Notices

Quamotion Software and Products may use third-party libraries or other resources that may be distributed under licenses different than the Quamotion Software and Products.

This document lists those third-party libraries, the license that applies to them, and the location where you can retrieve these third-party libraries.

In the event that we accidentally failed to list a required notice, please bring it to our attention by e-mailing us at

This document is provided for informational purposes only.

Library License Retrieved from
Portable.BouncyCastle NuGet
EnterpriseLibrary.SemanticLogging Apache 2.0 NuGet
EnterpriseLibrary.SemanticLogging.TextFile Apache 2.0 NuGet
DerConverter Apache 2.0 NuGet
imobiledevice-net LGPL 2.1 GitHub
Kajabity.Tools.Csv Apache 2.0 NuGet
.NET Core (Runtime) MIT
.NET Core (Framework) MIT
Newtonsoft.Json MIT NuGet
Nito.AsyncEx MIT NuGet
plist-cil MIT NuGet
PNGDecrush MIT NuGet
Selenium.WebDriver Apache 2.0 NuGet
getopt LGPL 3.0 VcPkg
OpenSSL VcPkg
libcurl VcPkg
libiconv LGPL VcPkg
libusb LGPL 2.1 VcPkg
libusb-win32 LGPL 3 VcPkg
libxml MIT VcPkg
zlib VcPkg
pthreads LGPL VcPkg
readline-win32 GPL 2.0 VcPkg
libzip VcPkg
libplist LGPL 2.1 GitHub
libusbmuxd LGPL 2.1 GitHub
libimobiledevice (library) LGPL 2.1 GitHub
libimobiledevice (tools) GPL 2.1 GitHub
usbmuxd GPL 2.1 GitHub
CoreCompat.Portable.Licensing MIT NuGet
WebDriverAgent BSD GitHub
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