Quamotion Support Agreement

This Quamotion Support Agreement defines the services and commitments with respect to technical support services available to you for purchased Quamotion products, for the period during which you have an active Quamotion Support Agreement for these products.


Quamotion provides you with Level 1 through Level 4 technical support.

To access Quamotion Technical Support, you must first create an Incident Report. To create an Incident Report, you can either:

  • Directly access the Quamotion support tracking system via Quamotion’s Support Web Site at http://quamotion.mobi/
  • Contact Quamotion Support by calling Quamotion’s technical support number +32 2 880 50 86
  • E-mail the problem to support@quamotion.mobi

You must provide Quamotion with at least the following information - to the extent where reasonably possible given the availability of such information - in order to open a Support Incident Report with Quamotion:

  • Your contact information
  • A detailed description of the problem that is the subject of the Incident Report and any/all events, actions, and information leading up to the reported problem.
  • Name, version and build number of the Quamotion Product
  • Host OS version
  • A copy of the application under test (.ipa or .apk file)
  • What type of device you are testing on
  • Log files from the Quamotion Software
  • Log output from devices in the configuration.

Level 1 Support

Level 1 support is 1st line, direct contact, via a telephone call-handling group provided by Quamotion. This includes:

  • First contact and direct interaction
  • Clarification of functions and features of the Product and Documentation pertaining to the Product
  • Guidance in the operation of the Product
  • Error verification, analysis and correction to the extent possible by telephone.
  • Information collection and analysis
  • Identification of whether the problem is known and has a known solution
  • Troubleshooting and problem reproduction
  • Problem report administration and tracking

Level 2 Support

Level 2 support is technical support provided by Quamotion personnel and is typically where the Product experts reside and serve as the escalation point for Level 1.

Level 2 Support includes:

  • Resolution of all known problems
  • Installation and configuration issues
  • Assistance with the Product
  • Search Quamotion posted Technical Notes, Knowledge Database, and other technical information supplied that will assist in providing problem resolutions

Should the Level 2 analyst be unable to resolve a problem, either because of lack of expertise, exhausted troubleshooting knowledge, or expiration of the allotted Level 2 resolution time, you may escalate the problem to Quamotion Level 3 Technical Support for resolution.

Level 3 Support

When you escalates to Quamotion Level 3 Technical Support, Quamotion shall use commercially reasonable resources and efforts to resolve reported problems.

Level 4 Support

Level 4 Support is the highest, level of escalation support available from Quamotion. This escalation process is used for complex problems requiring assistance from Quamotion Research & Development, or other personnel that have more in-depth knowledge of the Products.

A “Defect” is defined as the assigned Severity level for a given Incident Report. Quamotion will use reasonable efforts to correct the problem described in the Incident Report in accordance with the procedures set forth in this agreement. After receiving an Incident Report Quamotion shall assign the Incident Report a Defect Severity level in accordance with the table below. Quamotion shall have no obligation to correct any problem that cannot be duplicated by Quamotion.


For the purpose of this Quamotion Support Agreement, the following severities are assigned to issues reported to Quamotion.

Severity 1 means the Product is not operational in a production environment due to a problem isolated to the software:

  • An error isolated to the software in a production environment that renders the software inoperative or causes the software to fail catastrophically; e.g. system down;
  • A reported defect in the software in a production environment, which cannot be reasonably circumvented, in which there is an emergency condition that significantly restricts the use of the software to perform necessary business functions; or
  • An inability to use the software or a critical impact on operation requiring an immediate solution.

Severity 2 means the Product is operational, but has severely restricted functionality or degradation that is impacting your business:

  • An error isolated to the software that substantially degrades the product or materially restricts business; e.g., major system impact, temporary system hanging;
  • A reported defect in the software, which restricts the use of one or more features of the software to perform necessary business function but does not completely restrict the use of the software; or
  • Ability to use the software, but an important function is not available, and operations are severely impacted.

Severity 3 means the Product is operational with functional or performance limitations or restrictions that are not critical to your business:

  • An error isolated to the software that reduces the performance of the software.
  • An error isolated to the software that causes only a moderate impact on the use of the product; e.g., moderate system impact performance/operational impact;
  • A reported defect in the software that restricts the use of one or more features of the software to perform necessary business functions, while the defect can be easily circumvented; or
  • An error that can cause some function restrictions but it does not have a critical or sever impact on operations.

Severity 4 relates to low or no impact problems or questions related with product usage, implementation, performance or any other inquiries:

  • A reported anomaly in the software that does not substantially restrict the use of one or more features of the licensed product to perform necessary business functions; this is a minor problem and is not significant to operation; or
  • An anomaly that may be easily circumvented or may need to be submitted to Quamotion Development as a request for enhancement.

Quamotion’s support commitment

Support services

Quamotion will:

  • Provide you access to documentation and knowledge articles, upon general commercial release;
  • Provide you access to Quamotion Support representatives, who will work with you to diagnose issues, and provide problem resolutions, including escalating the issues through Quamotion Support management as needed.

Support lifecycle

  • Quamotion provides support on the then-current and previous release of Quamotion software; availability of which may be subject to you subscribing to a software maintenance agreement. Quamotion will also provide commercially reasonable technical assistance on all Quamotion software for a minimum of six (6) months, starting from the general availability date of the software version.
  • Quamotion reserves the right to modify this support lifecycle policy at any time. Nonconformance:
  • If Quamotion determines the problem is due to nonconformance to published specifications of a software version, or another substation Quamotion related problem, then under this SLA, Quamotion shall provide any software fix for the reported nonconformance that may be available at the time the problem is resolved. If no such fix is available, Quamotion will use commercially reasonable efforts to remedy such nonconformance, which may include a workaround or other temporary fix to the software.

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

Quamotion supports running tests on devices running a version of the iOS and Android operating systems which is listed with explicitly as having a market share of 5% or more, as measured by the Apple App Store Dashboard or the Android Distribution Dashboard.

Quamotion strives to release new versions of the Software which support pre-release versions of iOS and Android, and to support released versions of iOS and Android at most three months after their general availability.


Support does not include the following items or actions:

  • Step by step installation of software or updates;
  • Onsite services, professional (consulting) services, or educational (training) services;
  • Modification of software code, auditors, or design;
  • For the xcuitrunner Software, Support does not include support for the WebDriverAgent, even if a copy of the WebDriverAgent ships with the xcuitrunner itself.

Quamotion has no obligation to support:

  • An altered, damaged, or modified version of the software or any portion of the software incorporated with or into other software, hardware, productions not specifically approved by Quamotion;
  • Problems caused by customer negligence, misuse, misapplication, or use of the product other than as specified in the Quamotion user manual, or any other causes beyond the control of Quamotion;
  • Software installed on any computer hardware that is not supported by Quamotion;
  • Software not purchased from the Quamotion price list;
  • Products that are past their end-of-support date, as described above;

Quamotion shall have no obligation to support you if:

  • Appropriate payment for support has not been received by Quamotion and you are unable to show reasonable proof of such payment;
  • Your support term has expired without renewal.

Technical support

Web-based support. Quamotion’s web-based support is available at http://docs.quamotion.mobi, which provides the customer access to:

  • Documentation, including product documentation, release notes, troubleshooting guides and technical white papers about Quamotion software, as releases become generally commercially available
  • Product forums containing shared knowledge of Quamotion products and solutions within an online community of customers, partners and employees. Customers can view and post on the discussion threads in all articles.

Quamotion technical support You can access Quamotion Support by e-mail by e-mailing support@quamotion.mobi. Quamotion technical support is available between 9am and 5pm CET on Belgian business days.

Support procedures. Quamotion uses a multi-tier support model for problem resolution. When initial contact with Quamotion support is made, a technical representative will validate your information, contract information, license information, and gather details relevant to the question or issue. A unique Service Request (SR) number will be assigned and delivered to you. This SR number will be used to track any given issue from initial contact to final problem resolution. If appropriate, an issue will be reproduced in the Quamotion Test Lab. Additional testing and problem duplication may take in a test environment. Further investigation, including additional troubleshooting or debugging activity may be required. Based on the results of the investigation, an issue may be resolved, or, if an anomaly is identified, evaluated to the appropriate Quamotion team for final problem resolution.

Quamotion agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to work with you for problem resolution for an issue in accordance with this SLA. Timely efforts must be made by all parties involved. If communication from your side ceases without notice, after five (5) business days, Quamotion may, upon notice, close a SR due to inactivity on your part. Once a service request is closed for thirty (30) consecutive days, the issue will be considered permanently closed, and it cannot be reopened. If further work is necessary, a new SR will be opened, and all pertinent materials may need to be resubmitted before work can continue.

Service Level Response Time and Resource Commitment. Quamotion agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to you based on the severity of the issue as follows:

Severity Level Response Time Commitment
Severity 1 4 hours Quamotion and you commit resources during normal business hours to obtain a workaround or reduce the severity of the error.
Severity 2 1 day Quamotion and you provide resources during normal business hours to obtain a workaround or reduce the severity of the error.
Severity 3 2 days Quamotion and you provide resources during normal business hours for problem resolution.
Severity 4 3 days Quamotion and you will provide resources during normal business hours for problem resolution.
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