Partnership Genymotion

Quamotion and Genymobile partner to allow companies to reduce their mobile testing lifecycle even more by scaling their tests on Genymotion Cloud Android emulators.

BARCELONA, Feb. 26, 2018 – Mobile World Congress – Quamotion today announced the availability of Genymotion emulators in Quamotion Cloud, an online application testing platform designed to help organizations rapidly build, test, and deliver high-quality mobile applications.

Quamotion Cloud allows developers to test any mobile application and cover any user scenario. To scale tests, provide better performance and optimize the cost, Quamotion Cloud is now integrated with Genymotion Cloud – a service that provides high performance, cloud-based Android emulators.

Making sure mobile applications work well across different devices and versions of operating systems is a challenge for many organizations”, said Frederik Carlier, co-founder and Product Manager at Quamotion. “Quamotion allows companies to test their applications on a wide range of devices and to find and fix bugs before their customers do. By integrating with Genymotion Cloud, we allow developers to test their applications on fast, high-quality emulators running different versions of Android, in addition to our pool of real, physical iOS and Android devices.

We are convinced that adopting a hybrid strategy for testing mobile applications, on real devices and emulators will help organizations accelerate their tests and reduce their testing life cycle”, said Ghislain Ulrich, COO at Genymobile. “Emulators enable high scalability testing and by partnering with Quamotion, users will also benefit from real devices to test how applications performs on real end-user devices because of manufacturer OS customization layer.

Quamotion made us efficiently test & deploy apps.” said Dean Bodaert, managing partner at ARQS, a consultancy focused on maximizing software investments. “In just a matter of minutes, your first test is up and running in the cloud and integrated with your CI system. Exactly what we needed! Fast, easy, powerful!


Genymotion emulators are now available in Quamotion Cloud. For more information, visit the Quamotion booth (7G71) at Mobile World Congress or visit Quamotion Cloud.

About Quamotion

With Quamotion, organizations and teams world wide go mobile, fast, easy and at the right price. Using the Quamotion, organizations can automate their mobile tests on real devices, emulators and in the cloud and analyze the results.

About Genymobile

Founded in 2011, Genymobile is the company behind Genymotion, a complete Android emulation platform with 5.5 million registered end users. It has more than 10,000 Enterprise customers such as Facebook, EBay, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter. Genymotion is a reference for Android developers willing to test their apps and improve their device scalability. Recently, it went a step further in the testing world with Genymotion Cloud, a complete Android emulation platform available in the cloud, and enabling test automation and monitoring capabilities.

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