Allows to install, upgrade, uninstall, archive, restore and enumerate installed or archived apps on iOS devices.

Short Name Long Name Value
-d --debug enable communication debugging
-u --udid UDID target specific device by its 40-digit device UDID.
-h --help prints usage information
-l --list-apps list apps installed on the device.
-o list\_user list user apps only (apps installed by the user)
-o list\_sytem list system apps only (apps available from the system firmware)
-o list\_all list all types of apps
-o xml print output in xml format (PList)
-i --install ARCHIVE install app from a package file specified by ARCHIVE. ARCHIVE can also be a .ipcc file for carrier bundle installation or a .app directory for developer app installation.
-u --uninstall APPID uninstall app specified by APPID.
-g --upgrade ARCHIVE upgrade app from a package file specified by ARCHIVE.
-r --restore APPID restore archived app specified by APPID.
-l --list-archives list archived applications on the device
-a --archive APPID archive app specified by APPID.
-o uninstall uninstall the package after making an archive
-o app\_only archive application data only
-o docs\_only archive documents (user data) only
-o copy=PATH copy the app archive to directory PATH when done
-o remove only valid when copy=PATH is used: remove after copy
-R --remove-archive APPID remove app archive specified byAPPID``.


  • This manual page was written by Martin Szulecki.

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