Launch an app

This document describes how you can use Quamotion iMobileDevice for Windows to start an app on an iOS device, using your Windows PC.


Before you can install an application on your iOS device, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • The app is installed on your iOS device. For more information about installing an app on your iOS device, see Install an app
  • The Developer Disk Image is mounted on your iOS device. For more information, see Mount the Apple Developer Disk

Starting an app on your iOS device

Start your app by running the following command:

idevicedebug.exe run <bundleid>

where bundleid is the bundle id of your app.

The idevicedebug application will continue to run on your PC as long as the app is running on your device. The console output of your app will also be redirected to your PC.

Last modified October 25, 2019: Add redirect URLs (da422fd)