iMobileDevice for Windows

libimobiledevice is an open source, cross-platform software protocol library and set of tools that allows you to interact with iOS devices natively. The source code for libimobiledevice is available on GitHub. For example, you can use the libimobiledevice tools to install or launch apps on iOS devices, view the system log of the iOS devices and more.

There are various uses for libimobiledevice. For example, developers and testers of iOS applications can use it to automate the process of installing and starting their application, or capturing the iOS logs in case something went wrong.

Quamotion provides builds of libimobiledevice for Windows. These builds provide you with tools to interact with iOS devices on Windows. You can download libimobiledevice for Windows as a single zip file. There’s no need for you to compile anything; just click a few times and it’s installed.

These tools are command-line tools. You need to be familiar with using the Command Prompt on Windows to use Quamotion iMobileDevice for Windows.

Quamotion builds of libimobiledevice for Windows are builds of free, open source software. The source code for these builds is available at

See the Third Party Notices page for more information about the open source software that was to compile libimobiledevice for Windows.