60% of content consumption runs over mobile devices. Next to good design, app owners strive for quality, functionality and performance to let their content shine and lower customer bounce rates. Expanding lists of devices and frequent releases cause teams to spend expensive time repeating the same manual tests.

With Quamotion you can validate the quality of your app with one click, through test automation, mobile device cloud and reporting, to build apps that deliver, faster. Leading brands, testing houses and service providers build on Quamotion for their business critical apps.

Quamotion WebDriver

Quamotion WebDriver is a test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It automates iOS and Android apps on real devices (iOS, Android), simulators (iOS) and emulators (Android), using the WebDriver protocol.

Quamotion makes automated testing easy. We let you focus on testing your app, while we take care of the heavy lifting required to automate it. We don’t require you to include a SDK or recompile your app; nor do you have to jailbreak your device. You know best how to do your job, so we let you use your favourite test practices, frameworks and tools.

Quamotion allows you to use any language and any test framework to automate your mobile app. You can write tests using your favourite testing tools, and we expose the WebDriver API which allows you to use interact with your app from any programming language.

Quamotion Cloud

Run your tests on as many devices as you need. Choose from over 500 real, physical iOS and Android devices and Genymotion emulators in Quamotion Cloud. Use emulators for high scalability and real, physical devices to test the app on end-user devices.

Quamotion for Appium

Run the iOS driver for Appium using a standard Windows or Linux PC.